Monday, May 16, 2011

Epic Fail

So we here at Uncultured Persons fashion ourselves as great athletes. I mean back in the day we were stars, I played soccer and basketball, making all-star teams, winning tons of awards and what not. Fast forward to this weekend. A couple of us guys decided to enter in a little soccer competition call MLS Fubolito. Should have know by the name, but we show up and we are the only Negritos around. Nobody spoke English, and my Spanish is as good as my Yoruba or Igbo (I only know abusive speech, which came in very handy). We proceed to play the first match and get thoroughly spanked. Same in the second and also in the third. I mean we looked like a bunch of amateurs out there. Just goes to show you that even if you are skilled at something without constantly honing that skill, you could lose that ability. Now I am sore all over but it was fun shah.

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